Public Inquiries

Appearing before a Traffic Commissioner can be a very stressful and costly experience.

The process is complex, and the outcome can have far-reaching implications for your business. Even well-managed businesses make mistakes, or their systems or staff fail them, and they can find themselves called to a public inquiry.

Beverley Bell Consulting is uniquely placed to support you through this process. Our detailed and expert knowledge and understanding of the Senior Traffic Commissioner’s Statutory Guidance Documents enables us to safeguard our client’s interests. This Guidance covers core topics such as good repute, financial standing, professional competence, operating centres, legal entities, vocational driver conduct and impounding as well as explaining how Traffic Commissioners approach their regulatory role. No one is better placed than us to use our detailed knowledge of these important documents and their practical application to assist our client who find themselves appearing at a public inquiry.

You will receive expert representation at Public Inquiry and our dedicated team will provide you with the best quality advice and support – in preparation for, at, and after the hearing. We know that every matter is different. We will get to know you, understand your case, and provide expert advice and assistance throughout.