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When did you start working at Beverley Bell Consulting & Training?

I started working for Beverley in June 2023 after an informal interview and the first few months have just flown by and I already feel I am an established member of the team.


What does your job entail on a daily basis? 

I manage all the training work we do from start to finish. This has been a new venture for Beverley, and she is breaking into an established and saturated market where the quality of training varies greatly. I am often the first point of contact with prospective training delegates who want to attend one of our scheduled courses or with companies who want us to deliver bespoke training for their staff. I work with all of them to find the best course for them or to put a package together which best suits their needs.


Why Beverley Bell?

This role appealed to me because it enabled me to work for someone who is known for her previous role and who wants to pass on that knowledge to the commercial vehicle sector.

What is your favourite part of working at Beverley Bell Consulting & Training?

My fellow team members tease me about this, but I do love the training whiteboard! There is something very satisfying about seeing the courses fill up on there and whilst we obviously use the computer software, I love anything that everyone can see at any time and that will never fail because the internet has gone down or because “Outlook is not responding”!


What is a fun fact about yourself?

In February 2024, I drove a snowmobile across a frozen lake! Like Christina, I have a child born on Christmas day!


How will you advance your career at Beverley Bell Consulting and Training?

Like Philippa, I want to study for my TM CPC qualification in both Goods and Passengers with the company so I can advise our clients in more detail about some of the courses we offer. I am keen to develop the training business and to build close relationships with both our individual and our corporate clients.