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Last Friday, our entire team came together, from both offices, for a jam-packed strategy session that was nothing short of epic! Brainpower, creative ideas, and a bit of friendly competition – that’s how we get things done! 💡We capped off the day with Fish & Chips and a game of Cards Against Humanity, Beverley included! Now, tell me, where else does that happen? 🃏

And that was just the beginning! 🎄 Saturday brought our belated Christmas bash, and we really made up for lost time! ABBA singalong? Check. Meze feast? Double-check. It was a blast, and the energy was off the charts! 🕺💃

At Beverley Bell Consulting & Training, we take our work extremely seriously, but we also know how to let loose and have a good time.

We know that operators also work very hard and need to kick back or celebrate every now and again… if so just make sure everyone is fit for work when they next come in!

Cheers to a team that works hard and parties even harder! 🥂🎊 #TeamGoals #WorkFunBalance #OfficeShenanigans 🚀