Operator Licence Awareness Training

Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) – 1 day.


Our Operator Licence Awareness Training course is aimed at anyone who wishes to gain a greater understanding of the requirements of an Operator Licence and how to comply with its requirements.

The course gives a practical and engaging insight into the key licence requirements and undertakings, the Statutory Guidance Documents, and the consequences of non-compliance.

This is an excellent foundation course for business owners and directors, and support staff as well as those who may wish to obtain a standard national or international operator licence. We supply training courses for both the Road Haulage and Passenger Transport sectors.

Training Dates

  1. Thursday 16th September 2021 – CLASSROOM
  2. Thursday 7th October 2021 – CLASSROOM
  3. Wednesday 20th October 2021 – ONLINE
  4. Tuesday 2nd November 2021 – CLASSROOM
  5. Saturday 4th December 2021 – ONLINE

Summary & Costs

  • Road Haulage & Passenger Transport
  • 1 day duration
  • Cost – CLASSROOM £325.00 plus VAT (Costs are inclusive of lunch, refreshments and upload fees)
  • Cost – ONLINE £145.00 plus VAT (Costs are inclusive of upload fees)
  • JAUPT DCPC (if required)
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