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Beverley Bell


Beverley Bell

Beverley leads the team. She is a specialist transport law practitioner and expert in the commercial vehicle industry. On those rare occasions when she’s not working – and as those who know Beverley often hear her say – she likes to eat chocolate, drink gin, and watch old black and white films on the TV. We are pleased to report she doesn’t get to do this as often as she would like, but there is nothing we can do to stop her buying new shoes, boots and handbags when she pleases.

Chris Howorth

Chris has over 30 years in the transport industry and, thankfully, enjoys the tachograph analysis side of the business. He is a keen fair weather golfer and is co-coach for an under 13’s football team. Chris and his partner are foster carers and they dedicate time to this, not to mention their five children and three grandchildren.