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erica bevan

personal secretary to beverley bell cbe

When did you start working at Beverley Bell Consulting & Training?

I started working at Beverley Bell Consulting & Training on the 9th of October 2023. I was persistent because I didn’t make the first sift, so I wasn’t going to take no for an answer and Beverley interviewed me and put her faith in me. I am still here and have been promoted, so it must be okay! 


What does your job entail on a daily basis? 

I have recently been promoted to Beverley’s PA and I do enjoy a challenge! I have a magician’s wand to enable her to be in two places at the same time and I know all there is to know about her work and home life, there are no secrets from me! I am usually the first point of contact when people phone us and I enjoy talking to potential clients and delegates and putting their minds at ease before handing them over to a colleague. I co-ordinate all the compliance reviews and audits; this work is constantly getting busier as clients appreciate their value.


Why Beverley Bell?

I am studying law and wanted to work in the same field that I was studying. I feel that I am incredibly lucky to have been offered this job and to work for someone who is held in such high regard as Beverley is an honour.  


What is your favourite part of working at Beverley Bell Consulting & Training?

The team I work alongside make me smile every day and are a lovely bunch. I am also very happy to work at a company where hard work and commitment will be rewarded and where there is the opportunity for progression.  


How will you advance your career at Beverley Bell Consulting and Training?

I hope to progress my law career and become a solicitor.


What is a fun fact about yourself?

In 2018, I braved the shave in aid of Mind ‘a mental health charity’. I raised over £1,000 for a charity that is close to my heart.